Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photo Booth

These are some funny pics from the photo booth. Claire, on the right is chilling on the roller coaster, and Lucy has a streched out face.


Miss Brimley said...

max you blog is so cool! i invited you to my blog so you can come on when ever you want! i love you! brim

April said...

Cool Blog Max! Those stretched out photos are so funny!

brandyvanderson said...

Max, I remember when you were as cute as Lucy...but your hair stuck straight up and your mom couldn't get it down for the life of her. I also remember the time your mom and I were shopping in Old Navy and she lost you. We started looking all over the store for you. But then your mom saw you -- through the big glass windows at the front of the store and in the middle of the street outside! You gave her such a scare, but you were done shopping!